Welcome to Yoga with Cheryl 


I am so happy you found me! I am honoured to share practice with you, guiding you on your personal journey.  

I've been practicing yoga for 20+ years and am certified with the Canada Yoga Alliance (CYA -E- RYT-550). I have a registered Yoga School - Yoga Glow with 10,000+  teaching hours, I am excited to support you on the path of Self discovery either in yoga teacher training, community or private classes.

You can also catch me leading international retreats and yoga holidays (when the world opens up again).  With many repeat travellers we have experienced Bali, Cambodia, Greece, Thailand, Mexico, Costa Rica, Spain, Italy, and Canada.  I can't wait to see where we explore next!      

I share this practice because I discovered that my practice doesn't stop when I step off of my mat.  Life started to make sense when I dedicated myself to practice. My body and mind discovered a greater sense of equanimity. Even when life doesn't make sense to me personally, it makes sense on a larger scale. Yoga continues to help me negotiate the tough times; giving me the tools and strength to navigate through life with authenticity, courage and compassion. What I learn about myself on the mat weaves its way into my life off the mat. I want to share this with YOU!   

Take a look at my  Free classes on YouTube and check out my inperson classes at various locations in Chatham Kent. You can also find me teaching and practicing at Ravenbridge Yoga Studio, 7 Dover St,  Chatham. Chatham Kent's newest and inviting community yoga studio. 


If we haven't met, drop me a line, subscribe to my FREE YouTube channel or catch me for in person classes. 


May you discover that everything you seek, is already within.  


Chatham, On Canada

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